The Artwork The artwork for the Choral Confluence was created by members of the CHORALaborative.
Since The CHORALaborative’s guiding light is to bring various choral groups together, we were intrigued at the prospect of creating the promotional art for our first event. Under the creative leadership of local artist, Wendy Mike, 13 members of the CHORALabortive opened ourselves to the possibility of being oil pastel artists! Yet the oil pastels and all the other art supplies used in the workshop were simply tools that facilitated our coming together from our very diverse musical backgrounds to form a true collaborative; a “whole is greater than the sum of its parts” kind of experience. One of Wendy Mike’s many talents is to offer the transformational experience of the creative process through this type of collaboration. For several hours, Wendy released us from our self-assessed non-artist status to that of a competent contributor to a collective who could co-create a meaningful visual representation of what we felt our mission is for this project. We worked separately and together on drawings…laughing, relaying our ideas and emotions in preparation for the pièce de résistanc.
 Without knowing what the final project would look like we forged ahead with our box of oil pastels and colored away on our cut-out section. The result was quite amazing. The vibrant colors show our passion and the details show our intensity and commitment. We Thank Wendy for the overall design and the guidelines that brought this project to fruition. She captured the spirit of the choral groups with the confluence of our natural surroundings and unified the participants through what was truly a CHORALaborative process.

The finished product

The work in progress